August 20, 2007


We had the Thompson Family Reunion this weekend and had a lot of fun. My sister-in-law Ruth kindly offered her family's cabin up American Fork Canyon which was the perfect place to hang out, eat too much, play lots of games, and take in the free feeling of being someplace without deadlines and bosses and marketing campaigns.
When my family gets together, we really take advantage of the opportunity to hang out and have fun. No one disappears or goes off by themselves; we all interact and laugh and enjoy the confusion of having six conversations at once.
This weekend included lots of laughing, games, 14 people sharing one bathroom, good food, fishing, tie-dying, more games, lots of blow up mattresses, and a whirlwind cleaning frenzie just before we left. All in all it was a great time and I look forward to the next one.
Here are some photos of our weekend.

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