August 03, 2007


I have gift certificates {I'm sure most women do} to various spas in the Salt Lake area that I haven't cashed in for the prize...yet. Yes, I'll use them. Yes, I will use them for special times; times when I'm pretty sure I might die without a proper massage or facial. And those come up more often than you think.
Some spa experiences have been great and other awkward and lame. Sidenote: If you get a chance to go to the Cliff Spa located within the Snowbird ski resort...go. Nate and I have gone there twice for their summer spa package and it is so worth it. Great location, scenery, spa and food.
So I know what makes a good spa experience for me. Clean linens. Great products and smells. Amenities including steam rooms, soaking tubs and shaving cream dispensers in the showers. I also prefer destination locations, elaborate and healthy foods, and fluffy white robes I can wear around as long as I want.
What makes a good spa for you? Have you been to any you would recommend? Have you any nightmarish spa moments to share? Is there anything you've ever really wanted that a spa didn't provide?
I went to a unique spa on my 30th birthday in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Yampah hot springs and day spa offers the rare natural vapor caves experience. Read about them here. Their marketing is a bit outdated and the space isn't the most elaborate...but the spa is great, uses Aveda products and well, basically, you should plan to spend the whole day there!

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