September 24, 2007


After having the opportunity to work out regularly this last month, and after deciding that playing "less than perfect" is no reason to quit, I joined the fall ultimate Frisbee league with Nate.
I've never been a fan of team sports. It might be a result of playing co-ed soccer as a child and, lacking the aggressive/competitive edge, overhearing other players {the boys} say things like, "don't pass it to her, she sucks."
I don't think I sucked. It's just that if I could tell someone wanted to win more than me, I'd try to help them. Even if they weren't on my team. I rooted for the underdog. I just wanted everyone to be happy. My bad reputation for throwing a game might have been made worse by the fact that my sister played much better then most boys and had a hella huge following of adult fans.
Whatever the cause, I've grown up paranoid that I was a weak player. I was the one holding the team back. I was the one everyone hoped would be sick on game day. So, you can imagine how nervous I was to join the ultimate Frisbee league and show up for the games.
The first game I thought I'd throw up. I didn't really know the rules and wasn't confident I was in the kind of shape that would afford running around the field on an endless pursuit of my opponent. Well, I found out I am NOT indeed in that kind of shape, and I'm probably 10 years older than the other girls. A soccer player could probably play this game with ease, but not a girl that works out for 30 minutes at the gym.I was even more nervous the morning of game two. I think it was because I remembered how tired and worthless I was during the first game. But game two wasn't as bad as I expected and I even scored a point. Yippee!
The third game was this last weekend and I showed up less nervous and more ready to play. The girl I was guarding WAS a soccer player so she just ran me all over the field and left me exhausted. But it was a good exhausted. Nate scored 2 points, I had one turn-over...but we won the game so all was well with the world.
So, I guess if you are the type of person who quits things when you feel you are sub-par, learn from my experience. If you keep at it, eventually you won't be the weak player, someone else will be. And it will be your responsibility to make them feel like a rock star for it!

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