September 21, 2007


That's right. Throughout life I've been addicted to lots of different things; it's the way my personality has always been. Sometimes these things are harmless and other times...well, let's just say we all have a dark past. I've discovered a true Tonia addiction is one that starts as an obsession and sustains itself, in my repertoire, for more than a year. Gold fish crackers, for instance, have been with me for about five years. Gold fish=true addiction. Rose gold jewelry, same thing.
If I'm really into something but the love doesn't last for at least 12 months, it's considered infatuation. Most hair products are mere infatuations. About 50% of my makeup...infatuation.
My goal, moving forward, is to create healthy addictions for myself; I don't wanna be the poor man's Lindsay Lohan, addicted to self destruction. I was definitely like that in high school and college and it didn't amount to much.
As an addict, I'm not sure you can actually orchestrate what things you're drawn to, but I'm certainly going to try. Working out has come and gone as an addiction. Right now I'm addicted so I'm going to make an effort to keep it "on" long term.
Here is a short list of target addictions:
1. Punctuality
2. Exercise
3. Reading
4. Taking vitamins
5. Waking early
6. In bed by 10pm
7. Monthly facials
8. Packing a healthy lunch 4X week
9. Friday night date night
10. Forget about perfect


Dayna said...

I love saying "target addictions" instead of "goals" the list. Can we get facials when I come visit? (sadly I've never splurged on one for myself!)

Tonia Conger said...

yes! we'll go to sanctuary day spa. You'll want a facial from Sogol. But you'll have to fight me for it.