October 16, 2007


Imagine you're in Thailand on vacation. Imagine you decide to do some fresh water fishing on the Mekong River. Everybody does it. Now, imagine pulling this whopper out of the water? Well, don't imagine it cause it would never happen. Rather then pulling, you'd be heaving and hefting for HOURS.
Nate and I fished quite a bit this summer. We caught trout, blue gill, bass, and catfish. After seeing this doozy of a fish, and because of my fear of "what lies beneath", {coupled with my unwise viewing of the movie Open Water}, I may never be able to swim in fresh water {or any other kind of water} without having a major case of anxiety.
Nate and I watched a program on the discovery channel Sunday night all about catching "the whopper" and how thrilling it can be. This remains a thrill I pray I NEVER have.


The Meesh said...

Sick and creepy. I grew up swimming in ditches with all manner of suspect chemicals... all of which kept the ditch free and clear of "what lies beneath". As far as I'm concerned I'd rather swim in unknown chemicals than have my foot bitten off.

tim & brandi said...

As a fish biologist, I can officially say, that's a hell of a fish. Can you imagine the freezer full of catfish steaks? I can, and it makes me ill.