October 15, 2007


Ali listed her playlist which was generated by clicking "shuffle songs" on her iPod and noting the first ten tracks that play. I thought it was a fun idea so here's mine.

1. Magnet: Lay Lady Lay {listen here}
2. Justin Timberlake: Until the End of Time {listen here}
3. The Stars: Vanishing {listen here}
4. Radiohead: Kid A {listen here}
5. Foo Fighters: Low {listen here}
6. Cloud Cult: Pretty Voice {listen here}
7. Beatles: Eight Days a Week {listen here}
8. Autolux: Turnstile Blues {listen here}
9. Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah: Details of the War {listen here}
10. Bob Dylan: Wigwam from Royal Tenenbaums Sound Track {listen here}

image from getty

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