October 11, 2007


Several years ago, when I lived in Montana, I got a chance to spend a few days on the Blackfoot Indian Reservation and interact with the community. One of the more common sir names was Pretty On Top. I loved the idea of someone named Charlotte Pretty On Top and immediately wished I could make it my name. Unless Conger means "Pretty On Top" and not "he who congs the bell" in some far off land, I'm out of luck.
Even though I can't be called Tonia Pretty On Top, I can certainly wear things that will make me pretty on top, right? Like these.

1. Black Bow Top from Banana Republic

2. Gold Ruffle Top from Jcrew

3. White Ruffle Top from Jcrew

4. Pink Top from TopShop

5. Ruffle Top from Vera Wang (at Kohls)


Susannah said...

I love the "Pretty on Top" name. Kinda reminds me of my favorite French idiom: "il y a beaucoup sur le balcon" which translates to "there is a lot on the balcony." It's used in reference to big breasted women and I just think it is so, so clean. I wouldn't mind being Pretty on Top with a lot on my balcony...

Tonia Conger said...

Susannah, your comment made me giggle. I love the idea of having a lot on my balcony. I fear, sometimes, my balcony has far too much already. Plus, it sounds so pretty in French.

Hollylala said...

Tonia, although Ryan and I loved the name Belle, I'm sure you now understand why it just wouldn't work for one of our girls- "Belle Conger" just isn't very flattering!