October 24, 2007


TravelZoo has a marvelous offer for the spontaneous of heart {eh hem}. Do you wanna see the Antarctica before it melts away and floods all the coastal cities on earth {like I needed one more thing to worry about Al Gore}? I want to see it. The glaciers. The aqua waters. The penguins. TravelZoo claims that other trips to antarctica are upwards of $5,000 so at $1799, this 15 night cruise is a steal.
Okay, so I can't go. I've got to worry about landscaping my own little corner of the universe and that happens to cost even more then a trip for two. But go! Someone! Please. I want to know what the air smells like there. And what antarctica seafood tastes like.

I keep thinking about the conversations I'd have after Christmas break.
Them: "Hi Tonia. How was your Christmas?"
Me: "It was great. Great AND cold."
Them: "Yeah, wasn't the average Utah temperature 32 degrees?"
Me: "I think so. But that's balmy in Antarctica, which happens to be where I've been for the last two weeks."
Them: "Antarctica? Huh. Nice tan."
Me: "Thanks."

How fun is that conversation? I want to have it; desperately.


Sweets said...

i can't go yet, but this is one of my goals before i die.

kristin said...

this is on my list too! Hope global warming doesn't melt everything before I have the chance to go!!