October 23, 2007


Can't wait for Lars and the Real Girl to come out this weekend. Totally feels Sundance Festival Indie but released in mainstream theaters. You can bet Nate and I will be sitting in some theater somewhere this weekend, drinking our smuggled drinks and eating our smuggled snacks, in cinematic heaven.


amber said...

I KNOW! My husband saw a special on TV a few weeks back on this very thing, but for REAL. So, now we really have to go see this, we can compare notes.

Tonia Conger said...

You can bet Nate and I will be sitting in the theater seats Saturday night; giddy with anticipation. And sore from a full day of planting trees and flowers.

Emma said...

I hadn't heard of this movie until I read about it on your blog and went to the website. It looks super funny and definitely different! I wish that I could be snuggled in between you and Nate at the theater on Friday night! P.S. I've done loads of updating on the blog for you!