November 07, 2007


Nope, not a new band. Boo Boo Dolls are an ingenious creation, handmade by my sister-in-law Holly. She's working on an Etsy shop and they'll be available there soon, but let me tell you a bit about them.
Boo Boo Dolls {designs include an owl, lady bug and bee} are filled with flax seeds {and usually scented with lavender oil}. They are safe for the microwave and/or freezer. If your little one gets a boo boo, don't reach for a bone-chilling ice cube, reach for the nicely chilled {but not freezing} boo boo doll to soothe a bump or bruise. If the "owey" calls for warmth, heat the boo boo doll in the microwave until it's the perfect temperature. Cute, right? All detailing is reinforced to be safe for children. Hooray for Holly.
When the Etsy shop is up and running, I'll let you know.


tiffany said...

What a great idea! No more frozen peas on my kids' heads!

Kate said...

That is such a cute and original idea.

Holly said...

Thanks for blogging about my little creatures! Just an F.Y.I.- I don't think we should put the owl in the microwave because of the plastic buttons. The lady bug and bee would be ok though. I'm working on my inventory right now, and I'll have them for sale soon! I'm glad you like it!