November 25, 2007


I have a pair of Hudson jeans that I am loving lately. They fit me just perfectly. Snug but not tight. They are low-ish rise but don't risk showing my arse to the world if tragedy {like dropping my keys} should occur. The question is, are they still cool? Mine are just plain ol' Hudson jeans, no really cool pockets of specifically trendy wash. Should I still wear them and feel totally hip and cool in them?


In(side) the Loop said...

I still wear mine! I'm of the mentality that if they are a perfect fit, don't fret over the trendiness of the label. Both my Hudson's and my Paper, Denim, Cloth's fit me the best - and I always get compliments on them. However, my legs look like sausages in J Brand jeans. I say wear them with pride!

Tonia Conger said...

My poor thighs look like sausages in almost everything. So I just base it on comfort. If I can wear a pair of jeans and still feel comfortable...I'll wear them until they are no more.
Thanks for the boost of confidence. I'm actually wearing them today.

Fallon said...

I say wear them and wear them proud!