November 20, 2007


It's that time again, the time when we get to imagine our deadlines and responsibilities away and pretend we can escape on an adventure. This time we are headed to Costa Rica. You've always wanted to go; now you should go because in a few years it will be so American-ized that the charm and loveliness will be developed into condos. Strap on your chacos and head out.
Travelzoo has an offer that manages to fit nearly any budget. Fly to Costa Rica, stay six nights, and get a car {seven days, unlimited miles} to drive and explore in; all for just $499 per person. Rub your eyes, scratch your's real. And it's a sweet deal. Travel between January and March.
If Nate and I weren't already headed to Hawaii in February {more on this later} we'd be checking this out for sure.

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sherrin said...

Costa Rica looks beautiful, but I saw a program on the travel channel about the ants they have there...they are nasty.