January 21, 2008


Dear Amy,
Though I did not particularly like the movie Enchanted and fell asleep 15 minutes after the movie started, Nate and I both LOVED your contribution to the Sundance Festival this year. Hands-down, Sunshine Cleaning has been the best movie we've seen so far. If The Last Word is a better movie, I'll never know because Mother Nature blew a major snow storm my way and Amie and I didn't dare drive to Park City.
In closing, you have two HUGE fans in Nate and I. And I think Nate might have a secret crush on you so please keep your distance. I'm sure you'd fall for him if you met him.


p.s. I might have a secret crush on Emily Blunt. Shhh. Don't tell please.


Ivan said...

I totally saw Sunshine Cleaning TOO AND LOVED IT! I have wide open not at all secret crushes on both Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. Did you catch it on Sunday and did you catch Emily giving me her phone number?

CaraDee said...

Amy Adams is a gem. I thought she was super in Drop Dead Gorgeous, and LOVED her in JuneBug. She is awesome. And so far, not annoying like the rest of the girls in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

I think she looks like Melissa Joan Hart, personally - And for that, I love her. Clarissa Explains it All was my FAVORITE!

Tonia Conger said...

She's darling. And Nate confirmed that it wasn't just a secret crush but a confirmed, out-in-the-open crush. So I am confirming my out-in-the-open, non-sexual girl crush on Emily Blunt.
It would seam that Sunshine Cleaning is the perfect movie for Nate and I because we both adore someone on screen.