January 21, 2008


I think Nate and I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Lack of natural light, lack of melatonin. It's been gray in Utah for weeks and this morning we both woke up {early. Nate had a plane to catch and I had a Sundance movie} to heavy snowfall and TERRIBLE road conditions.
I'm just waiting to hear that Nate missed his flight since he got on the shuttle at the airport seven minutes before take-off. Amie and I missed our 9:15 a.m. movie in Park City because we just did not feel safe driving through the canyon {which was requiring chains} and risking our lives - just for a movie.
Kauai can't come soon enough. I'm hoping to get enough Vitamin D basking in the Hawaiian sun to last through the winter season. *sigh*

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