January 18, 2008


Nate and I watched Waitress last night and loved it. Just the right mix of clever writing, sarcasm, and sweetness. The vibrant colors and succulent pies were a total treat. My favorite line? I have two.
1. "dear damn baby".
2. It's an alien and a parasite.
It's always interesting when I watch a movie that glamorizes an otherwise blah job (like waitress) and I find myself thinking...it would be so much fun to be a waitress who bakes pies for a small town diner.


Noelle said...

i am so glad you liked this - now i can rent it without worrying it might have been one of those movies that had really clever marketing people which convinced you it was not a piece of crap when it actually it was a giant pile. you know, like the people who did knocked up.

CaraDee said...

I felt the same way. I loved, "dear damn baby". I loved the end after she gave birth. GREAT. Funny thing is, the guy in the movie plays a gyno on Desp. Housewives...wierd. Talk about typecast... ha
Did you know that the character friend of hers that gets married, wrote and directed it? Oh, but then she was murdered??? Right before it opened at Sundance. TRAGIC.

amber said...

this movie was such a heartwamer, without the chheesiness. we loved it, too, and damn those pies looked divine.

Stacie said...

I loved this movie too! I still have visions of those cute waitress outfits at the end!