February 28, 2008


I don't mean to get all Oprah on you and force you to read my latest book club book. But I guess, this one time, I will stand by Oprah in saying, "this book is good." I'm about half done and I've already found many things that inspired me to think organically about topics I've never considered.
Not yet half way through the book, though, and I'm pretty sure I hate my own ego. Nate and I named ours the other night after reading a few pages. We call his ego Hank. Mine is Gladys.

Dear Gladys, can we stop being best friends? I'm ready to move on to someone new. Love, Tonia

This book is just over $7 at Costco, and yes, I am attending the biggest online book club discussion extravaganza with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle on March 3. If you find yourself jealous, it's just your own ego. Whom, if you read the book, you will learn to hate very soon. Enjoy.


Amara said...

Hey Tonia, its Taryn.(love your blog)
Happy to find somebody I know reading it too. I'm in chapter four right now.

And I have to say... the naming is awesome. I'm trying to decide between Hazel and Janet.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Just clicking thru and saw THE BOOK. I'll be online with you and a few million others. My ego's name is Natasha. It's from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon (ages me a bit I know). She's just a pathetically evil character. I can only improve.
Enjoyed the blog.
See ya there!