March 02, 2008


I guess one good thing about being sick and staying home all weekend curled up in front of the TV is that I get to learn about things like the ICEHOTEL. Buried 200 kilometers North of the Arctic Circle in Sweden is a fascinating winter wonder made from ice taken from the river Torne. It's built new every year and then melts in the spring - back into the river again.
This hotel has a bar, a church, themed suites, all made from ice. Everything {including the furniture and excluding the water closet} is made from ice. And during the day you can enjoy cool activities like ice fishing, snowmobile safaris, and dog sledding.
I told Nate this was something we needed to add to our "things to do" list.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tonia...sorry you have been under the weather. Is it the flu or virus? Hope by now you are feeling better. I had been missing your posts on your blog. Check mine out if and when.....

Grandma B said...

I am the anonymous Tonia. For some reason I cannot get my comments to post. What am I doing wrong. LOL
Grandma Biggs

tim & brandi said...

I LOVE the ice hotel! I've watched a few shows about it and finally one came on when Tim was home so I made him watch probably the same show you saw. It's on our list too, so maybe we'll have to go together. We could all sleep on the elk skins together. Gross, just kidding, Tim doesn't want to sleep next to Nate... again.


CaraDee said...

HA! I watched that last night too! Pretty COOL, huh? Get it??? Get it?