February 03, 2008


Noelle requested a movie review for No Country for Old Men and I'm obliged to deliver.
Nate and I were really tired Saturday night. Especially since we had pulled some serious teamwork and got an awkwardly shaped 300 lb treadmill down the stairs and into our basement {I have serious lower back pain today and may complain about it off and on during the week}. About 9:30 pm we left for the theater and I hoped this movie would be good enough to keep me awake. I'm known for falling asleep during movies; even in the theater sitting in an upright position {read: Sahara and Enchanted}.
At 9:45 the previews started and by 10:00 I was covering my eyes and shrinking in my seat. So tense I was curled up in the fetal position the entire two hours. Nate had to keep pulling my hands from my eyes. This is one of those movies that inspires you to think, make connections, wonder, and think some more. We got home after midnight and ended up spending another hour online reading discussion boards about the movie, particularly the ending. Not only did this movie keep me awake and alert for 2 hours, but it kept me alert and thinking for another few afterwards.

This guy will become the face in all your scary dreams. Promise.

Is it worth seeing? YES
Should you get a babysitter and see it? YES
Should you get a big diet coke? NO, even a five-minute "bio-break" will put you way behind
Valuable movie tips: Listen carefully to both the intro and closing monologues. This will help you draw some of your own conclusions.


nootka said...

Thanks for the review, I really want to see this one!

Noelle said...

yes, tonia! hmmm. i'm not sure i want to see it - if we manage to get out to a movie i'm more inclined to a zone out flick than a "make you think" kind. sounds like steve would love it though...i'm betting we will get to it. eventually.