February 07, 2008


I'm working on the new account and have been for the last two week; the busiest two weeks I've had at my current job. Not because we are gearing up for a big product roll-out or conference, it's just that busy with this client all the time. With no end in site. I usually sit in meetings most of the day and try to get my work done during the two hours I'm at my desk. All the while trying to get up to speed so I can be a competent, hard working team member. So tired. Not feeling creative. Actually feeling kind of blue.
I'll be back. I'm hoping I sleep better tonight.

I was looking on flickr for a good "tired girl" image but this tire girl photo popped up in my search. I couldn't resist. From Natalia F's photo stream.


In(side) the Loop said...

Gets lots of rest and don't wear yourself out. There is a nasty flu bug going around...think I may have caught it! Hoping lots of creativity comes your way...

Amie said...

Weird, I've been feeling the same way. Plus, I can't sleep either. I heard Mercury is in retrograde, but i don't know if this impacts moods, mostly just makes technology break. Maybe this means you and I are robots! And we're being controlled by "the man" Tonia, we must free ourselves! isn't there a movie about this? Hang in there my sweet!