February 09, 2008


Nate and I stumbled onto the sheer delight of Chocolat tonight. I own the DVD and haven't watched it in years but it came on TV so we hunkered down in the our chocolate brown velvet couch and enjoyed every minute of it.
It's given me an idea, really. I'm thinking about having a chocolate party. Eat chocolate. Watch chocolate. Drink chocolate. How much fun would that be?
One of my favorite lines in the movie comes from Vienne's {Juliette Benoche} daughter Anouk. "Why can't you wear black shoes like all the other mothers?"


Rebecca said...

One of my favorite movies - would love to come and eat chocolate with you! (I remember when I first saw it, the theater handed out chocolate kisses to everyone...) Love you, Becky

cropstar said...

Oh I ADORE that movie! Maybe because it has lots of chocolate and lots of Johnny Depp... not a bad combo!

nicole hill said...

every time i make ganache i think of that scene where she stirs the chocolate.. oh i love that movie.. my favorite!