March 08, 2008


Today is my Mom's birthday. I drove to Ogden with Ryan, Ruth and Hugo and we met my Dad, Mom, Andrew, LaShel, and Adelia for lunch. After a long week, being with my family was a great recharge. And spending time with my Mom on her birthday was an extra treat; she is wonderful.
This is what it looks like when two best friends get to spend the afternoon together. Love you mom!

Oh, and we also kissed these four cheeks all afternoon.




deidra said...

I've seen LaShel and Adelia a couple of times lately. Everytime I see Adelia I think, "She's definitely a Thompson!" Too cute!

Rebecca said...

Precious, precious baby-cheeks.
Most wonderful is your relationship with your outstanding mother! Happy Birthday Sherrin!

Grandma B said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mom Tonia. What a wonderful way to spend her birthday. LOL

Amara said...

Happy Birthday Sherrin!

sherrin said...

Thanks Tonia! I am so glad you and I are friends as well as mother and daughter. I sure love you and would travel around the world to spend time with you! Thanks for the special day spent with those I love the most.