March 02, 2008


This day in Kaua'i was supposed to be all about the sunshine and seeing a gazillion whales breech and eat out of our hands. What it ended up being was a rainy day on the wild ocean. We saw a few whales spouting water and slap the surface of the water with their tales. Because it was too murky to snorkel we were privy to a nice tour down the Napali Coastline. It was beautiful. Someday I'll go back there and kayak {can't do it in the winter} and camp along the beach.

If you squint, you can see the whale in the center of the screen with water shooting out of it's blow hole!


In(side) the Loop said...

Beautiful photographs!!

Grandma B said...

Your pictures are beautiful Tonia. They bring back memories. Thanks for the one of you and Nate. INTO THE BOOK IT GOES !!! LOL..Grandma B

amber said...

Tonia, all of your Kauai pics have been so great, they are preparing me for my trip on Friday!