March 03, 2008


The girl everyone likes? The one who has inside jokes with half the world? She's funny and witty and just the right combination of silly and soulful? You must know Cara Dee! Her comments on my blog make me giggle. Her posts make me giggle. The way she and her husband seem to goof off together and have fun like you do with your BFF from high school.
Cara Dee, I'm not sure I knew funny before I knew {virtually} you. Thanks for sharing your prank. It really makes our "let's fill Jaimi's office up with balloons while she's in Thailand" prank a little blahzay!


Grandma B said...

O.K. I've heard of an OUTHOUSE but this is the first time I have actual INHOUSE. Cute Cute And your managers must have one great sense of humor.

CaraDee said...

Okay, this is my husband's prank. And I do feel guilty taking this credit, tho I love to.
I'm on a laptop on my way home from Vegas. That snide comment I made about your blizzard is coming back to haunt me. It's COLD.
And you have made me blush and grin ear to ear and you made my whole YEAR. I read this post to my husband. He thinks I'm retarded, but you did sum up our relationship. Thanks!

Tonia Conger said...

If you are retarded, keep it coming.

Amara said...

Thats awesome. Very... detailed. And awesome.