April 13, 2008


I would absolutely love to have this kind of plan in place for the next 30 days. You know how much quicker I could be ready in the morning if I had it all mapped out? Most mornings I'm okay. And then there is the occasional shit morning where I spend 45 minutes locked in my little walk in closet trying on and ripping off every item that once hung there.
I'm gonna spend a little bit of time the next few days; outfitting myself with some much needed new shoes and a few other essential items. Maybe this can be a weekend project; I think it would look really great to have 30 polas hanging in a row. And what a great place to turn when the morning blues hit.
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amber said...

I need this so badly, you have no idea, getting dressed in the morning is always a little frenzied and I find it's the only time I bite my nails...bad.

CaraDee said...

You know, I've always wanted to say shit on my blog. If only I could...I would be FREE!!! Maybe I need a blog my family doesn't know about. Love yours.

Anonymous said...

I did it and its great - I've edited it down to one week at a time, every Sunday afternoon (if I have time) I map out the outfits for the week, I take it a step further and map out the accessories as well. IT makes such a difference in getting ready in the morning, esp when you want to hit the snooze button more than twice.

cyberpenguin said...

So cool, reminds me of that scene from the movie "Clueless"!!! (You know the one where she has computer software that puts together different daily outfit combinations. ;-))