May 21, 2008


One of the products at my company may be receiving an innovation award today. If it does win, which I hope it does, I'll be accepting the award and delivering a little 60 second speech. Two things have ever stuck out in my head when women have taken the stage.
1. Diane Rehm walking on stage at Kingsbury Hall, both arms in the air, waiving like the president of the United States. It was so charming I swore it was the way I'd enter rooms and stages from that time forward.
2. Sally Fields delivering the ever-popular and delightfully authentic "You like me, you really, really like me." speech back in 1985 after winning an Oscar for Places in the Heart.

Since neither of these options seems appropriate for the technology crowd, I'll be whipping up something a little less enthusiastic and celebratory. I'm sure I'll just accept it with honor on behalf of... But I'll be thinking in my head, "you like me".

Update: we didn't win first prize so I didn't have to give a speech...but if I had, it might have changed the war, ended world hunger, and landed me a role in the next blockbuster staring Brad Pitt {which I would have turned down because of my loyalty to Jen}.

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In(side) the Loop said...

You crack me up! I'm all for you walking up waving your hands wildly in the air! I think it would add that little something extra the crowd would be looking for.