May 20, 2008


Nate and I got up on Saturday reluctant to begin the day. The neighborhood had a bigger-than-life yard sale and we felt obligated to wander aimlessly through our basement and find things to sell at a bargain. After a few hours in the sun we made $15 and decided to start in on the yard work. Cut the grass, water and nourish flowers, weed. Then the real fun began.
We stopped at Lowes {fare better than Home Depot} and picked up some 8'x11" redwood planks to build two planter boxes for the North side yard. We hammered and shoveled but ended up with these beautiful planting boxes, getting sunburns and blisters in this process. With no time to whimper we quickly cleaned up and headed to our friends wedding. Sitting in the sun in our wedding-best, with our cool Maui Jim sunglasses; we looked pretty freakin' cool.


CaraDee said...

Sounds like you had a similar day to me. I have the sunburn, still ouchy today...And good for you on the planter boxes, tbey look great.

dayna said...

beautiful, beautiful, and some more beautiful. 'someday' we will have a yard and planter boxes, a glorious garden and a dog that i love....'someday'

Amara said...

Whoo! Lets hear it for raised beds! I made a huge one for my blueberries with old trailer bedding wood. Doesn't look nearly as nice or neat. Kudos!

And you gunna have to tell us all what your planting.

April ~ Living the Sweet Life said...

I love your raised beds.