June 08, 2008


Nate and I took the motorcycle out for a spin this afternoon. We decided to go up Butterfield Canyon which is part of the Oquirrh Mountain range. Compared to some of the canyons I've been lucky enough to experience, this one is underwhelming. But I'll do just about anything to smell fresh pine and the faint scent of campfire; love that!
There's quite a bit of graffiti in the canyon and these are the words of wisdom I learned today.

1. Embrace freedom. Stay high. {obvious plug for maryjane}
2. This mountain is mine! {a message left by Hank Butterfield, fictitious owner of the canyon}
3. We own the subs! {looks like there is a gang problem in the Herriman suburbs}

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Courtney said...

missing your posts over here in Houston. Thinking of you! xx