June 23, 2008


It's been a while. I've been so busy. I got home from China on Thursday lastweek and have been in a haze of sleeplessness and sleepiness all at the same time. It seems that when I should be sleeping I can't, and when I'm driving to work I get really drowsy.
Plus, Nate left Sunday for Houston and won't get back until Thursday night.

{pronounced "see""}

Twice while I was growing up we had chimney fires. Finally we had a reputable wood burning stove expert come and check out the stove and chimney. He told us the stove was too big for the chimney space resulting in a lot of creosote which translated into fire. My parents still use the stove and now we just all accept the idea of the occasional ember.

I was on a short hike about ten years ago in Montana. Half way through the hike this cute little curly haired girl came racing down the trail all by herself. She was probably about three but totally independent and full of energy. From behind me on the trail I heard a woman say, "Clementine, slow down and wait for mama." It was at the moment that I knew if I ever had a baby girl, I'd want to name her Clementine after this little girl I only saw once but fell in love with and still think about ten years later. I bet if I met Clementine today, she'd be a funky little thirteen year old in skinny jeans, chuck tailors and bright blue "anime" style hair. She probably smokes and makes out with her boyfriend in public.

Camping: One of my favorite things to do in life is camp. I'm not talking about pulling up to a designated stall in my Jetta and setting up camp at site #12 in some campground called "wood glen" or "silver lake". I'm talking about loading up the backpack, hiking in a few miles and picking the perfect little meadow next to a stream. The thing I love the most is snuggling into my down sleeping bag inside my ultra perfect two-man tent and gazing up at the night sky. Nate has to be with me of course.

Capeesh: When I've really made my point in a friendly argument and I can finish it off with "capeesh?" It sounds so very Godfather.

There is atleast one time a day when I wish I had a clipboard.


dayna said...

i hope you get feeling better soon! i can't imagine how exhausted you must be. i love your "A-Z" posts...so fun to read.

Nells-Bells said...

I too am loving your "A-Z" posts. So fun to read and relate to! My husband and I use dude a lot too but it comes out sounding more like "dood".