June 24, 2008


I know there is another world happening out there - one where women are spending $2,500 for a handbag made of supple calfskin and fancy metal clasps. In my universe, though, I buy copies of these expensive bags from China and pretend I'm one of these dillusionally wealthy women. Here are two of the knock-offs I got in Shenzhen.

Jimmy Choo Riki {mine is metalic}

Balenciaga Motocycle Le Dix {in seafoam thanks!}

Add in a couple of Dolce Gabbanas and another couple of Bottega Venetas and I'm all set for...I don't know...a lifetime. I have a pretend idea of what it's like to be Nicole Richie now.

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tim & brandi said...

I've never been the girl who gets into shoes or handbags... until this past year. It's weird, and a little depressing to see so many things you want but can't have. I'm a bit jealous of your cute knock offs, and happy for you at the same time.