June 24, 2008


The second ever Thompson family reunion is coming up in August and this year Nate and I are hosting the gang at Chateau Conger. I have a brother in a wheelchair so picking a place that is friendly to his needs is a bit tricky but altogether worth it.

Activities offered by our neighborhood include:
+ lots of walking paths perfect for pushing wheelchairs right down to the lake
+ family fishing at the lake {just one block away}
+ swimming pool opens next week {yay}
+ splash pool perfect for little ones to splash in
+ plenty of basketball courts to reserve for friendly family game of HORSE
+ Wii competition
+Cricut card making and scrapbooking

I am looking for fun games and activities to add to the agenda. If you have any favorites from some of your own family gatherings, please share. I'd really like to make this a special family experience and create a few new traditions along the way.

{we did this tie dying last year at Ruth's family cabin}


Courtney said...

how fun!!! I love that you're hosting it. We attended J's family reunion a few weekends ago and there was easily 200 people there. I would have been some kind of stressed feeding that many mouths!

Glad you're back.

webdrops said...

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