June 05, 2008


I'm headed to China on Tuesday. So much work to do. I'll be researching recycled packaging material on top of many, many other things. BTW, if anyone does have any resources for recycled packaging...please send. I want to be well educated.
And any information you want to share about China; I'm always open to suggestions.


CaraDee said...

Holy Cow.

JP said...

How exciting! Maybe you will blog from China, too, so we can enjoy vicariously?

Re: Resources for recycled packaging...throw a question out there on LinkedIn - it's a great resource and you'll probably get replies from around the world

Re: Any info about China...have you seen the film "Manufactured Landscapes" that played at Sundance? You can get it on DVD at Amazon too if not available at Blockbuster.


Happy travels,

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I've traveled to China for business a few times--I'm in product development. You can read about my adventures here:


Safe travels!

amber said...

wow, you're going to have such an amazing experience there - I want all the details. And, most certainly return with a knock off of some sort!

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