June 05, 2008


Kym gifted me a copy of An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life to enjoy on my trip to China {I leave Tuesday if all goes well}. Anyway, I took a two day detour to Arkansas this week and started reading it on the plane. Love it. It's funny and clever; completely uneventful but voyeuristic. Just my type of book.
I've decided to replicate this concept here on the Blog. For 26 days I'll highlight a topic (s) starting with the appropriate letter in the alphabet.

A {pronounced "ay"}

Addicted: My life has been pretty busy lately. Lot's to do; no time to do it. Stress. Worry. Hunker down and get it done. I'm not sure if it's as a result of the higher stress level {sometimes work stress is not a bad thing} but I'm requiring more and more caffeine as the days progress. I happen to drink a lot of the RockStar zero carb drink {read two a day}. While I don't notice any big gapping holes in my stomach lining as a result, I do see my nervous ticks exploding off the charts. You thought I was particular before.

Apple: I eat them often. I prefer the Gala.

Authentic: What I vowed I would be from now on. With work. With life. In my marriage and friendships. Everyday; all day long.

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dayna said...

love 'authentic'--it motivates me:)