July 05, 2008


I have been so busy. I know it's a reoccurring theme lately but that's just my point. I'm too busy to breath let alone blog. This weekend Nate and I did a lot of yard work {as usual}, worked out a bunch {Nate ran on the treadmill and I hit the road bike}, and we've been melting for the last 24 hours since our air conditioner broke.
When the guy finally showed up this afternoon to fix it we were laying on the couch unable to do much more than change the channel on the TV. It's finally fixed and we are on our way to chilling out again. Cooking dinner nearly put me over the edge. We thought about freezing t-shirts and wearing them around the house but it sounded a little messy. So we just melted.
I kinda wish I had a lot of these!


Grandma B said...

so sorry about your a.c.
we could do without just about anything but that..today is toasty and our a.c. is pumping as fast as it can..

we just wait for the sun to go down..and our flowers are crying for drinks about every hour..

oh well..christmas isn't too far away..he he he LOL

Jenna Holm said...

Even with a house that's under a 1,000 square feet and a swamp cooler pumping in chilly air, we're still burning up! I can relate! Happy July!