July 06, 2008

A-Z: F

{pronounced EFF}

Fiction: I read a lot of fiction but I always thought I'd write a lot of fiction. I still sometimes feel a good short story or novel percolate inside my brain {which I think is too big for my skull} and as soon as I feel that I punch and kick it back down into non-existence. Do you know how fulfilling and satisfying it would be to write a book? To make money writing. Money of any shape or size? And do you know how afraid I am of being satisfied? Oh yes, I'm afraid of satisfaction. Because then what? What do you do once you've done the one thing you always wanted to do? Move to Florida and fall asleep on a beach chair?

Forizzle: This is a word that gets used a lot at our house. Usually when Nate or I do something worthy of praise; like that one time Nate saved the world and I saved all the orphans in Africa. When we do such things we usually pat each other on the back and follow it up with the only thing fitting in the English language. "You're forizzle."

FJ Cruiser: I'd still like one. But I can only have it once our family exceeds a normal sedan. I cannot justify a bigger-than-life car with all the talk of saving our planet coupled with the price of gas. Plus, the SUV is so trite in Utah these days. Sometimes when I see a single person driving in a big car like that, I want wave them over to the side of the road and punch then in the face for my children and my children's children who will only know of the panda bear as a myth.

Family: I looked at Nate the other day and realized that he is my family. We don't share any of the sames genes {phew} and our childhoods were completely different. But there he was, sitting next to me in the car driving to a movie. And he was my family.

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Amara said...

I'm really liking your alphabet posts, forizzle. I feel just about the same way with the fiction writing. Books are more satisfying to read than short stories... but to write one seems impossibly daunting. I love stories, learning creating telling them.... but to do so in hundreds of pages?! Maybe I should stick to short stories for a while.