August 06, 2008


What to do on a rainy afternoon in Chicago? Hit one of Sephora's brick and mortar shops. The shop at Water Tower Place is smaller than the typical warehouse of everything-girl but it could be the size of my closet and I'd still spend an hour there. Here are the things I got while Nate sat in the hallway on a sofa reading digg.

Mascara: Firebird by Fresh. This mascara gives you the perfect all-natural feathery lash.

Mascara: Bad Gal by Benefit. Since I'd never sample mascara I'm still waiting to try this one. The "try me" tube did have a fabulous brush and the mascara is less creamy than Fresh.

Eyeliner: Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in matte black. I wore it today and no smudging or flaking. It actually stayed in place. I didn't leave work looking like I needed a nap.

Eyeliner: Stila Liquid eyeliner for the cat eye look. This one seemed to stay put on the back of my had so I'm hoping it will do the same on my lid.

Face Highlighter: Benefit That Gal. Since the 90s I've been on a hunt for something that would transform my complexion into that of Ashley Judd. You know how it just glows? Well, this might do the trick. Now if I was just fresh faced and wrinkle free.


amber said...

I'm always on the hunt for a great mascara - may have to give that top one a try!

The Meesh said...

I used Bad Gal for almost 2 years. Its fabulous! You'll love it. Similar to Dior Show's mascara.

Tegan said...

I love Sephora!!! I just went there yesterday and spend a fortune. Joel about died knowing that I only bought make-up with how much I spent. Guys just don't get how much it cost to look beautiful!

Sweets said...

I remember my first Sephora experience. It was in Paris with you! I was in heaven. It was lovely.