October 19, 2008


After checking out all the used gear for sale at the Black Diamond swap yesterday {more on that later} Nate and I went to Park City to test out new skis, helmets, boots and coats so we would know what to buy through our friend who is a rep for Head.
When we had sufficiently burned ourselves out on gear shopping we decided to detour through Salt Lake City on our way home in order to stop at Elemente. We bought a danish modern chair for cheap and plan to recover the cushions. Behind the counter at Elemente I noticed a God Save The Queen poster and was getting incredibly excited to purchase and hang it in our house. But, it wasn't for sale and to quote the excentric woman behind the counter, "it's not for sale and probably never will be."
Now, I'm married to a sales guy, and I work with a lot of them, too. I've grown up hearing the phrase, "everything is for sale, for the right price". And for a moment I thought about making some crazy offer to this woman who very easily could have been related to Big and Little Edie from Grey Gardens. But I refrained because while I still believe in the religion of everything being for sale, I also have deep faith in the internet and know I can find almost anything if I use the right search terms.
Happy. Ending. I found a Sex Pistols God Save the Queen poster in the UK for CHEAP and I think I'll buy it.
P.S. God Save the Queen.

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