October 11, 2008


I just got home from our executive retreat in Jackson Hole. I haven't been there in about 5 years but I love it just the same! Jackson holds a lot of memories for me and I was happy to create a few more to add to the collection.
While I was shopping around town I stumbled into the Mangy Moose Emporium and immediately fell in love with this piece of art. Part tribute to my childhood, part Andy Warhol I couldn't stop looking at it. Due to the price tag I just didn't feel right about purchasing it on the spot; I wanted to consult with Nate first.
I took a few snaps and when I got home, and after I told him how much I loved it, he said, "I think you should get it". I'm incredibly happy to say I'll be placing the order very soon.
Other fun in Jackson?
  • bowling and dancing Thursday night
  • bison steaks
  • the first snow of the season
  • 30 great minds all sitting in the same room
  • merkins on the moon
  • chilling at The Wort and listening to live folk music


Anonymous said...

It's ALL about the merkins...

Hillary and Russell Jordan said...

My Hubby & I lived in Jackson right out of college. It's where we "fell in love." Fingers are crosswed to go back this winter to ski!

Grandma B said...

How fun....we used to go to Alpine a lot, and would trek into Jackson Hole. These are fond memories we now draw from

How are you and Nate doing? Long time, no see......LOL

Whit said...

That is a very fitting representation of being a little kid at the Thompson house. It reminds me of riding that stick horse with Andrew.