November 14, 2008


I went looking for my book of Whitman poetry this morning. Specifically, I was looking for the poem Nacho quoted in a meeting this week. I pulled open the cabinet in my living room and it occurred to me right then how many of my favorite things are in there.

{Jane Austen and Shannon Hale}

{Milan Kundera and our box of curious rocks gathered in Nice, France}

{a watercolor I did called "blue chair"}

{Kerouak and C. S. Lewis}

{Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet, and James Joyce's The Dead}

{The old books I found in Chicago}

{Canterbery Tales, and Tom Sawyer}

{The one mis-matched book called The Razor's Edge}

{wedding pictures. Me and Nate, my mom and dad}

{The owl Holly made, my harmonica, watercolor "old chair", and a candlestick my parents brought from Nauvoo}

{The Power of One, My Beat Reader, and Tristram Shandy}

{The tiny book of love poems my brother Andrew gave for Christmas one year}

{one of our engagement photos, a shell Nate brought from the Philippines, a pola from Kauai}


Megan and Brian said...

Ok so I feel like I need to leave you a comment on this one, because I was so excited by the books I saw on your shelf ... you even had Confederacy of Dunces on there ... hilarious! If I lived in SLC we would start a great book club ... with great friends, and great discussion!!

Tonia Conger said...

Megan, if you lived in SLC I would be so happy! And, yes, we would have a book club and have the kinds of discussions graduate students have in coffee houses!