November 14, 2008


It started with a sore throat. I woke up two weeks ago with a terrible sore throat and then immediately got a fever, body aches, and what felt like ear infection. I worked from home for three days and then forced myself back to work. More fevers. More sore throat. And then I started to cough.
The coughing really just started a few days ago. The doctor at insta-care did warn me by saying, "if your cough hasn't kept you awake at night, it will." So I cough. And cough. Last night, it did keep me awake; and it woke me if I dared drift asleep. By the end of the night, I'd coughed my voice away. My throat and vocal cords are so swollen that I can barely squeak out sounds this morning.
When the doctor said "this is a 14 day flu", he meant it. And I think what 14 days actually means is the number of days you should be laying in bed eating soup and watching old Doris Day movies. I'm putting a used tissue under my pillow as a plea to the flu fairy. I don't want her to leave me anything; I want her to take this cough and hurdle it into space where it can drift weightlessly out of the galaxy.


Courtney said...

Oh nooooooo! I'm so so sorry. But flu and all, you've managed to find the best sick picture ever! Hoping you're back up and at 'em soon enough.

CaraDee said...

I'm so sorry. Feel better!