January 23, 2009


Nate and I have seen seven movies this last week which explains why I haven't posted at all. We actually had tickets for a documentary this afternoon but chose not to go. We just couldn't swing it with work. We saw great movies, nothing disappointing or vulgar which is a rarity. Hooray for Sundance.
We were lucky enough to see Jack White in a documentary called, "It Might Get Loud". I stepped into the isle of the theater and took his photo. That he didn't punch me in the face tells me he liked me right off the bat. We also saw a documentary called, "Good Hair" directed by Chris Rock and wouldn't you know it...he showed up afterward for Q&A. We were spoiled this year.

p.s. wow, i have a pointy chin.


Jenna said...

No Tonia, you have a beautiful chin.

Grandma B said...

Didn't know you and Nate were movie buffs !!! Did Nate have a STROKE OR SOMETHING!!!!! Cute picture of you guys.

(: (: (: LOL