February 25, 2009


We got back from Mexico on Saturday night. Our house still looks like a tornado touched down with sand and snorkels and flip flops scattered everywhere. I need a maid.
We had a great time on vacation. We ate good food; stayed in beautiful resorts; went spelunking in an underground cave; kayaked and snorkeled; concurred scuba diving; rode bikes; played in the ocean; and crashed a Pat Benatar concert.
In response to Kym's request for photos, here are a few.


Chelsey said...

Does this mean that I am going to have to see a well-tanned and rejuvenated individual on Saturday? Whilst I come with my China-doll complexion and grumpy over-worked demeanor.

amber {daisy chain} said...

Is that the beautiful Anthro butterfly dress I've been lusting after?? It looks great!

Grandma B said...

Looks like your trip was a success. The pictures of the ocean make me Sooooo JEALOUS !! No, not really, but I lova lova lova the ocean. Your tans look great !!! More pics please. LOL

kym said...

Now there's the Tonia that I miss. Tan, smiles and a sweet looking man at your side. What I wouldn't give for a holiday like that right about now. When I see you on Saturday, try not to rub in the fact that the sun and sand were just right. It will be implied by your glow and I just won't want to talk about it.