March 05, 2009


I live in a great neighborhood. Lots of parks and walking paths, big front porches, and a lake for kayaking. They send us an email every few days for updates and reminders on fitness classes. So when I saw this super helpful email I knew I had to share.

How to Pick Up Dog Poop

Whether you like it or not, you are responsible for cleaning up after your dog. Not only is the waste not a pretty sight (or smell), but it’s also a breeder of germs and disease. Dog feces plays a significant role in water pollution, especially in cities, and the bacteria that makes its way into streams, lakes and the water table can make people sick. Here are some ways to minimize the unpleasantness of this task.


1. Take your dog for a walk, Keep them on a leash, and bring a plastic bag for yourself to hold. You could also tie the bag onto the leash.
2. Walk and enjoy the day out, but once the dog stops and smells the ground, be ready start removing the bag from your pocket, and start opening it.
3. Hold the leash with your one hand, as you maneuver the bag with the other. Or, if you are not alone, ask the other person to hold your dog’s leash. Put your hand into the bag, grab the bottom of the bag with your fingers, and pick up the mess on the ground.
4. Use your other hand to pull the top of the bag over your fist, retaining the poop inside the bag.
5. Tie the bag tightly, and dispose of it in the nearest trash receptacle.
6. Continue to enjoy your walk with your dog.
7. Wash your hands thoroughly when you get home.


1. Always carry more than one bag.
2. Some pet supply stores have doggy bags that are scented. You may want to try some!
3. If you can’t bring yourself to handle the poop, even through a plastic bag, purchase a commercially made “Pooper Scooper”. These usually consist of a handle on the one end of a long arm, with a double-sided shovel on the other end.
4. When picking up with a plastic bag: On Grass, make a claw like circle with your fingers-get as far under the poo as possible, then lift.
5. Plastic grocery bags work great for picking up dog poop. These bags do sometimes have a tear or two, so it helps to use two bags – one inside the other.
6. Holding your breath until you’ve picked up the poop and tied a knot in the bag helps a lot.
7. Assert yourself when you see an irresponsible or unprepared pet owner who fails to pick up their pet’s poop by offering them one of your own extra bags, and if they don’t take the hint Contact the XXX Community Association at XXX-XXX-XXXX to report the incident.
8. Violators will be immediately assessed a $25.00 Fine per occurrence.


Jamie said...

That made me giggle!

tim and brandi said...

I love it! That is really funny.

CaraDee said...

Oh THAT'S how you do it...
I will get to work on my yard right now.

melissa jade said...

our neighborhood is COVERED with dog crap.

makes me crazy- we're all ready to move because of it.

Tonia Conger said...

Melissa Jade,
Feel free to copy and paste the "how to pick up dog poop" directions and post them around the neighborhood. I always assumed the picking up of poop was intuitive but perhaps it is the "how to" that has everyone in your neighborhood confused! I certainly cleared up a few questions for me! :-)

Samuel said...

Every time Millie (my dog) and I go to the park, I always bring a pooper bag because anytime, call of nature will come. Sometimes, when she's staying in our living room, she poops and pees on the carpet. That really sucks! But because I love Millie, I will clean it but sometimes, I hire a trusted helper for carpet cleaning (Elgin-based). Thankfully, I found effective tips on dog training. Services for carpet cleaning (Elgin Illinois-based for example) are big help among housewives because despite on having busy schedules, they have a good alternative to clean the carpets.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I think dog poop is gross! Loved the article.