March 22, 2009


I spent just a few days in Austin and came home exhausted. We set up a booth between and the free beer tables at The Art Project in East Austin. The event opened at 11am; our tables and tent had just arrived so we busily set up shop and got to work.
There was just two of us for about 2 hours and people kept lining up for free t-shirts and tote bags screen printed on site by yours truly. I did everything from screen print to cleaning screens to drying ink and heat setting it.
The good news is that we gave everything out, received really good feedback and positive interest in the Yudu screen printer. But oh how my feet hurt when I got back to the hotel. I washed the ink that had found its way all up and down my arms and scrubed the tired out of my eyes.
The sad part is that I had to leave Nate there; he'll be in Texas for the next five days. We swore to each other that next year we were doing SXSW the right way - with tickets to shows and the willpower to stay up all night. To summarize the trip in just a few words: fast and furious.

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Whit said...

That sounds exciting! Way to flout the boring office job.