March 23, 2009


When I was in middle school I got my first job as a paper girl. I delivered The Herald Journal in true 1980's style. A-symmetrical bob, "risky business" style sunglasses, lots of jelly bracelets, and an attitude that probably seemed pretty off-putting. I was channeling my inner Madonna.

If you can imagine a 14-year old girl in strappy gladiator sandals {we called them Jesus sandals in the '80s}, ratted out bob with a pink checkerboard shaved in the back, lip gloss, and a saddlebag style carrier worn over my shoulders; I was a complete site to behold. I still don't like small dogs {sorry all you small dog owners but they snap at people's heals and you never discipline them} and have issues with the smell of newspaper ink. Imust admit I'd LOVE to have a newspaper girl with such an attitude, delivering the news to my front door.

I remember one boy about my age sitting in a tree in his front yard yelling, "Tonia is a tomboy. Tonia the tomboy. Tony the tomboy", and I was heartbroken. I was trying my absolute hardest to be ultra cool and somewhat mysterious and there he was, sitting high on his pedestal {or tree branch}, calling me names.

Twenty-three years later I'd certainly love to wear these AG tomboy jeans {from Anthropologie} to the day party portion of my 20th high school reunion, find that stupid boy and let him call me Tony the tomboy all he wants.


Whit said...

No kidding. He was probably just jealous of how awesome you were. From my prospective, Tonia, you were always on the cutting edge of fashion.

jane in the waiting line said...

i had a paper route too and was the ultimate tom boy. i feel you! but loved every minute of it.

Mike J. said...

I think that look is absolutely hot. Just ignore that boy... he's got a large amount of insecurities in his system. If you happen to see him again (the reunion is the perfect venue), let him eat his heart out.;)

Anonymous said...

He was probably intensely attracted and turned on, and simply (like most young boys and not a few grown men) lacked the emotional development to properly process and express his desire.

If that sounds overly optimistic, try to imagine yourself into his shoes. So what if you were a tomboy? What does he gain from calling you on it?