April 29, 2009


Subtitle: I'm a FEMALE!

This morning I was walking into work from the parking lot and I passed a big, looming red cross bus parked out front. We all know what that means. Blood donation time! I didn't sign up but knew they would not turn me away so into the bus I hopped.
Now, mind you, I don't wear a lot of makeup, and lately I've been letting my hair air dry so I lack that polished, put together, feminine essence. But I'm still a girl. I wear jewelry and heals and lip gloss. So I was surprised when the nurse asked me my gender...at three different times. I started to get a little paranoid that I looked man-ish. I had to shrug that off because having a needle jabbed into my vein is way too important to get distracted by questionable gender.
There was a time when needles and blood and finger pricks didn't bother me. And they still don't; if it's on TV I'm fine. But the moment a real live person starts toward me with a sharp object (needle, knife, pencil, temper) I get woozy. Similar to getting sick on amusement park rides, this is an aversion that started later in life.
Anyway, I gave my pint, in less than 6 minutes. I felt pretty accomplished while I ate my fig newton and chatted up a bleeding co-worker. But as other people where being prepped, I knew I had to make it out of that bus. I felt great most of the day. And I skipped lunch on accident.
Fast forward to my commute home from work; it's a 40 minute drive. Those 40 minutes were some of the most uncomfortable I've had in a while. I felt at once an anxiety attack coming on AND a fainting spell. Once I got home I pulled on my sweats and languished on the couch making the Rockstar serve me food and fetch me important things like water with ice.
I'm glad donating blood makes me feel this way. It helps me realize how important blood is, and how ridiculous it is that I don't donate more often. I'm disappointed that I don't jump into all the red cross vans I see idling at the curb. I mean, if I feel this depleted with one pint missing, how must someone feel that is actually in need?


amber {daisy chain} said...

that picture is making me so squeamy!
It really is so important, I'm glad you put it out there.

Whit said...

Yeah, so a couple of years ago one of the people that pass out samples at Costco called me "young man". Sadly, that wasn't the first time.

Grandma B said...

Tonia. For what it's worth, Grandpa has donated over 20 pints since he has been retired....so fear not...you will be alright, just keep on donating. It is a good thing to do for someone else.


Amara said...

Every time I've seen the bus I've had a cold. Almost without fail. Next time maybe! I'm inspired!

Holly said...

You are awesome for donating! And you are without a doubt very feminine looking!