May 03, 2009


Nate and I have been hypnotized by a very long and thorough documentary of rock called, "HEAVY, The History of Metal". Now I know more than I've ever wanted to know about bands like Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, and Motley Crue. One quote we heard made the hours of mindless rock trivia worth while.
Jani Lane, Warrant front man, wrote Cherry Pie one night. It was supposed to be just one track on the new album originally titled, "Uncle Tom's Cabin". But once Cherry Pie was embraced by the record label, the album was retitled Cherry Pie. Lane continues, "...the album was cherry pie, the record was called *cherry pie, I was suddenly doing *cherry pie eating contests, I was known as the *cherry pie guy, my whole life was cherry pie. I wanted to shoot myself in the *head for writing that song." *explitives removed to respect the PG13 rating of this blog.

Haven't we all been there with Jani Lane? We work our whole lives to be the best we can be and one little mistake, one dumb move, and we're forever known as "the cherry pie guy".

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