October 06, 2009


1. Workout. Not in the morning because it's almost after 1am and I'm not sleeping. But I will workout. Tomorrow is the beginning of the rest of my fit life. Is that "Oprah, live your best life" enough to make it happen?
2. Make a decision about my hair. Do I get bangs? Do I cut it shorter? WHAT AM I DOING WITH THIS MOP?
3. Walk around with good posture and see how many people ask me if I've lost ten pounds. I hear it's the easiest way to "look like you lost weight". I'm fooled by Shape magazine every time it has a cover article about losing ten pounds fast. I buy the issue, take it home, kick off my shoes, and plan to learn the top Hollywood secret to staying thin and all the article says is, "practice better posture". Tomorrow I'm putting it to the test.
4. Make homemade dinner. The words, "Nate, let's go get Quiznos for dinner" shall not pass my lips. Tomorrow.
5. Start reading my favorite book ever, Crime and Punishment. Thank you Fyodor Dostoevsky. You have been brilliant every time. Especially with those gritty Notes From The Underground. Side note: Crime and Punishment has always been one of my top five favorite books. Nate's is Brother Karamazov. What are the chances we both fancy Dostoevsky? Remarkably proven in literature written long before we were born that we were meant to be. Right?


AnnaVallance said...

Let us know about the better posture thing.

kym said...

Dear Mother of Agnes,
although I very much appreciate a good pedicure and admire the all too perfect picture posted. And well, I know the outcome to your bangs dilemma, I'd like to add a sixth call to action. Please meet me at the swanky dinner on Friday night(with fine practiced posture I might add.) and let's watch all the women be confused as to why wore sequins to a business function. I'll be the one in the corner tightly squeezed in a dress that was a "little big" on me pre-pregnancy.