November 15, 2009


I know I've been gone for a long time; I know it's shallow of me to come back and immediately just start talking about JCrew, but when you see my favorite things you'll totally understand. Have you ever just pretended you had a lot of money all the things you could buy with it? I just did and this is what I picked out for Christmas.

Chiffon Petal Vest

Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket

Silk Ruffle Jacket

Jaspe Sequin Slouchy Sweatshirt

Linen Silk Pants
Silk Posey Blouse

Silk Pajamas

Tuxedo Jacket

Twill Minnie Pant

See what I mean? When you first realized this post was just about JCrew clothes you thought it was stupid and shallow. And then, for a minute, you were lost, the sky was blue, wool didn't itch and you have perfectly pink rosey cheeks. Oh, and you wear silk pajamas camping. In the Andes. In the middle of the winter. See? We're the same after all.


CaraDee said...

I could really go for those minnie pants right now.

Gracie73 said...

Totally got lost in J. Crew heaven right there with you....awesome!!! But hey, I just have to a hairstylist, what did you end up doing with your "mop?" Bangs? Trim? Real Haircut? Dying to know!!