November 20, 2009


On Wednsday afternoon my chest started to feel heavy and I had a minor dry cough. Within hours I felt every symptom associated with swine flu. Even the ones you can't talk about in mixed company. I had 'em all. All day Thursday I was miserable; my aftenoon was a collage of naps on the couch, infomercials, oprah reruns, silent tears, texting Nate to please come home from Portland immeditely to drive me to instacare, and on and on.
When Nate finally got home at 8pm he took me straight to the hospital where I was lovingly diagnosed with H1N1, handed a few perscriptions and an inhaler, and given every validation I needed. They even made me wear a SARS mask while I sat in the waiting room. I felt like it was a sick person version of the scarlet letter.

Today I've slept more than I have in months and I'm still exhausted. And bored. And I have no voice. Nate has been a good nurse and I plan to thank him with a kiss and a hug as soon as I'm back in good health.

You can feel sorry for me if you want. I really appreciate empathy/pity when I'm sick. That and strong whiskey.


Holly said...

Oh, I hope you get feeling better soon. Don't worry about the waiting room. You could have looked like someone who was overly cautious and not a contaminator! We were hoping to see you over Thanksgiving, so get well so we can!

MrsEm said...

Take good care of yourself. H1N1 is nasty stuff. Rest, rest, rest!

Jo said...

Sorry to hear that you had to go thru swiney after all the Kipu falls dangers. Hope you got to enjoy summer's sunny days.