November 23, 2009


So, I've made it through the body aches, the fever, the sore throat, the vomiting and other discomforts. They are just a blur now. My days starring as a walking bio hazard are so over; sorry Jack Bauer. But the tail end of this flu, the flu topped only twice before by much, much worse physical pain but less life threat {once I had strep, laryngitis, and infection in both ears. That might have been #1. #2 was simply THE WORST strep I've ever had. My sister gave it to me because when she had it and referred to it in the same way I secretly didn't believe her. So she passed it to me and soon I was enduring the strep and eating crow. Crow doesn't go down well with strep}is as irritating as it is painful. THE COUGH.

I mean, I usually fall asleep around 9pm. You can find me in lounge wear, wrapped in my brown blanket, and doing some form of mouth breathing by 9-9:30 every night. But not last night night. Last night, like an old Chicago song, was dedicated to coughing up a lung that, as it turns out, is attached to other parts of my body. So welcome headache, stomach ache and sore throat. Come jump back in bed with me and THE SWINE. Apparently we aren't done with you yet.

picture by Jen Matthews


noelle said...

oh you poor thing!!! a friend of mine who had the swine said she thought she was done only to have some nasty tail end effects that were as bad as the original flu itself. i hope this all over for you pronto.

Grandma B said...

Oh sorry you caught the H1N1. Hope you are on top of it now. How long were you off work?

So far, we have both been lucky..but we keep our fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully you were only one swine flu away from your skinny jeans. There's always an upside. Feel better soon!

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